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This website helps by providing you an overview of books about psychedelics.

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This website came to live from a need to know what book about psychedelics to read next. Searching online through the big stores left me hanging on what would match my personal taste. There were too many books and no real search criteria (as everything is grouped under spirituality).

Psychedelics Books is here to help you find what to read next. Search based on category, find books by date, or even search within the text of the review. At this time a part of the books have (community) reviews written, in the coming year I hope that all books will have a review written about them.

If you want to help out, you can provide a review or a book to review. Find out more on the donate page.

Who is Blossom

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Our mission is making information about psychedelics more widely available. To speed up the adoption of psychedelics as a tool in therapy and self-development. We do this by providing different resources, from articles to book reviews, that bring together different perspectives about psychedelics. We aim to be critical, grounded in a rational and scientific worldview, yet enthusiastic voice for psychedelics.

This website is one of our free informational services. See all that we do at our company website and our worldview on our about page. Send us an email if you want to get in touch.

Blossom donates 20% of revenue to effective mental health charities, like Strong Minds.


Floris Wolswijk - Founder

Floris is responsible for most thing you see on the website. He is currently making this website as complete and ready for a 'version 1' as possible. In the meantime he is also looking to recruit others to help build out this information platform.

Floris has studied Psychology (2008-2012) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After finishing his Masters degree, he co-founded a start-up in a different field. Through first personal experiences with psychedelics and subsequently an encounter with the scientific literature, he fell in love with the psychedelics field. He hopes to play a small part in making psychedelics more widely available and being used both in medicine and for self-development.