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Books provide you with one of the best, maybe even the best, way of learning about a new topic. Book go beyond the headlines, explore histories, and let you have a conversation with experts. Psychedelic books allow you to experience the mescaline trips of Aldous Huxley. They take you inside the psychedelic research labs of yesteryear and of the psychedelic renaissance. And they give you a glimpse into the (counter) culture of the 60s and current day psychonauts.

The books here are listed in categories to make your search for the next read easier. Dive into other cultures with books on anthropology. Explore the (cultural) history of psychedelics. Learn from the experiences of others. And find yourself next to Alexander Shulgin to learn about the chemistry of (classical) psychedelics. Then learn about the past and current theories about psychedelics that involve stoned apes and otherwordly entities. Other books explain why psychedelics work so well as therapeutics. The science on psychedelics is exploding and several books will give you an overview of our current understanding. Finally, if you want to know what everyone is reading, filter on popular psychedelic books.

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